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Landscape art: The Olot School of Landscape Painting
The combination of volcanic formations and a moist, temperate climate has favoured the abundant, varied vegetation here, especially the polychromatic deciduous forests which have provided artistic inspiration for both painters from the Escola Paisatgística d’Olot (Olot Landscape School) and poets. One of the parts of the city that has inspired many artists is the peaceful La Moixina marshes area. In order to visit these places, you can follow the “Landscape art” Secrets of the Greenways route, which begins at the Fonts de Sant Roc, just after you reach Olot.

Regional Museum (C. Hospici, 8)
Can Trincheria House-Museum (C. Sant Esteve, 29)
The Saints’ Museum (C. Joaquim Vayreda, 9)

Before continuing on our way northwards, and making a detour on the greenway that leads to La Vall de Bianya, we can make a quick visit to El Montsacopa Volcano 6, an urban volcano from the summit of which we can enjoy an excellent view of the entire city. If we go a bit further, following the greenway towards La Vall de Bianya, we will eventually find the start of the “The three Lava Flows” route (one of the Secrets of the Greenways) 7, which takes us to interesting cliffs composed of basalt columns.
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