Hermeline Malherbe
Pirinexus is not just a greenway uniting Northern Catalonia with Southern Catalonia. Above all else, it is the result of a common will between the Conseil Général des Pyrénées-Orientales, the Consorci de les Vies Verdes de Girona and the Pays Pyrénées Méditerranée , to link up and add value to our territories by developing our touristic, economic and cultural potentialities through a cycle tourism product available to all, which will mean a real victory for our territories! 350 Kilometres of signposted and safe itineraries that will allow us to explore the Costa Vermella, follow the path of Dalí’s surrealism, discover traditional festivals and culinary specialities, and even to set off to conquer the land of volcanoes in Olot... all on our bikes! Today I am proud to be able to offer you this guide and the project in general, which adds value to our territories and to our heritage within a logic of long term development. All year long and at your own pace, we invite you to get on your bikes and keep on following this route, located between the sea and the mountains, from where you will be able to discover or rediscover the beauty of our Catalan land! Get pedalling! I wish you all a very good ride!
Miquel Calm i Puig
The Consorci de les Vies Verdes de Girona, an institution that has led the Enllaç Project, is committed to the maintenance, promotion and extension of the Girona greenways. For the Diputació de Girona, promoter of the Consorci, this is an example of the kind of sustainable rural development which is needed to make our territory a focal point for quality tourism.
We have been working for 3 years side by side with our French colleagues to create the first big Catalan cycle touring route that will link North Catalonia with the Girona region: a large circle of more than 350 kilometres that connects the Pyrenees with the Costa Brava and enables our little paradise to be visited by foot or bicycle.
This guide is intended to provide a base for enjoying our territory, but the alternatives that could be taken on the basis of the route are infinite. We suggest visiting Pirinexus at different times of the year, where you will find culture, history, nature, adventure and sport, musical and theatre festivals, the best golf of the Mediterranean, beauty and health, enotourism, and many other things.
Francis Manent
The Conseil de développement du Pays Pyrénées-Méditerranée, whose objective is to establish a sustainable territorial project, soon realised the importance of developing the network of cycling routes and greenways which have initiated an important territorial enterprise.
This vital project, which aims to structure the territory and to provide economic development in the long-term, would never have come to fruition without our partners, the Consorci de les Vies Verdes de Girona and the Conseil Général des Pyrénées-Orientales. In actual fact, it is precisely this joint effort, with one shared goal, which has driven us on to overcome the physical and institutional barriers of our borders. In this way, the newly created link allows us to welcome you to this Pirinexus link.
Welcome to the Pays Pyrénées-Méditerranée, an area between the sea and the mountains, with contrasting and striking landscapes, a rich heritage and a people who are proud to welcome you to their land.
Enjoy your trip!
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