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Les gambes de Palamós
Prawns have traditionally been fished along the coasts of Palamós. In the 1950s, the fishing technique of trawling was introduced to the town by the fishermen who came from Southern Catalonia and Valencia. With the use of this technique, the prawn became a very important product for the Fishermen’s Guild of Palamós and, year upon year, it has gained in prestige and renown thanks to the quality of the fish caught, which is considered to be extremely tasty.

The Palamós prawn has long been accompanied by a great mystery. Approximately every ten years, prawn fishing is mysteriously affected, with the number of fish caught dropping alarmingly and the fishermen having no idea why. They even thought at some point that the species may have been in danger of extinction. But we now know that the cyclical “disappearances” are in fact linked to weather conditions (very cold and windy winters) and to internal ocean currents. So even if one year out of every ten the quantity of prawns fished drops significantly, we know that they will come back again over the following years and in even greater numbers. 

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In May and June, the restaurants in the city of Palamós even offer a special menu in honour of their star product. Bearing this in mind, if you visit the town during these dates we highly recommend you ask for the prawn menu. You can also enjoy the Langoustine menu in the town’s restaurants from October to December.

As an additional activity, we also propose a different kind of visit which you can take along the Pirinexus route: watching the Palamós fish auctions. The auctions take place every day inside the Fishing Museum of the Espai de Peix (Fish Workshop). This place, which aims to promote awareness, sustainability and the cuisine of marine products, can be found at the port of Palamós. To arrange your visit and find further information, visit:
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