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A vast range of wine is available in the Empordà area. The reds are full-bodied and well-structured with a harmonious taste. These vintage and reserve wines are a true delight, with their highly characteristic aromatic notes that offer hints of spices, while maintaining the aromas of the grape and the vine at all times. White wines are also produced in this area, often with native varieties which are refreshing and full-flavoured, as well as other single-variety wines of considerable quality. And the rosé wines of the Empordà tend to be characterised by a well-defined cherry colour, with great personality, fresh and delicate aromas, and moderate alcohol content.   

One of the most noteworthy wines of the area is the Garnatxa, a traditional sweet wine produced using the hundred-year-old straw wine technique, whereby the grape is left to dry on straw mats before being pressed. This is an ideal accompaniment for sweet dishes alongside the other traditional sweet wine of the Empordà: Moscatell. The range of wines available within the DO Empordà is made complete with ecological wines, Mistela wines, wines of overripe grapes and sparkling wines.

The Alt Empordà is also part of the cava making region. The sparkling wine well-known for being fermented in the same bottle which is ultimately uncorked by the end user is produced within this region. The traditional methods used in the area allow the cava bubbles to be created naturally.

If you would like to discover these wines and cavas at first hand, we recommend a break along the most important enotourist routes of Pirinexus. By visiting the official websites of and, you can find some really interesting enotourism packages, guided visits to wineries, hotels near the route, activities and fairs in the area, and even an online shop where you can buy
Denomination of Origin Empordà wines.

Important dates:
- From August to September you can visit the Alt Empordà Wine Fair in Figueres. 
- And during the first two weeks of August you can enjoy the New Wine Festival held in Calonge. 
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