The flat area we cross between Llagostera and Girona is the La Selva tectonic depression. A low-lying area that follows normal fault lines, responsible for the existence of hot springs in various parts of this region (Caldes de Malavella). This depression was filled with sediments from the surrounding hills which then formed a flat area in the centre of the basin. Before reaching Cassà de la Selva, we find an interpretation panel which will help us understand the relief of the landscape.

This fertile plain constitutes a wonderful patchwork landscape, made up of holm oak and pinewoods, cereal and maize fields, and fruit trees, especially between Cassà and Llambilles.

After leaving Llagostera, looking back we will see the silhouette of the Church of Sant Feliu. Similarly, when we reach Cassà, we will see the Church of Sant Martí, which dominates the town’s skyline.

This is one of the towns with the longest history of cork stopper production, a result of the abundance and quality of the cork produced by the oak trees of the Gavarres Massif. Entering the town, we can see outstanding modernist buildings associated with the age of splendour when the industry enjoyed its heyday. 

Parc Art is an exhibition of 150 sculptures by artists of national and international repute. The sculptures stand in the open air, dotted around a garden measuring over one hectare. The sculptors were able to choose the location for the installation of their work, which marks something of an exception, thus allowing an evocative dialogue to be established between each piece and its environment.

The varied topography of the regions of the Province of Girona, with the Costa Brava, the different mountain ranges including the Pyrenees, Montgrí, the Gavarres, Rocacorba and other unique features, such as the volcanic landscapes of La Garrotxa and the Lake in Banyoles, mean that hot air balloon rides are a particularly attractive option in this area. The website provides information on a wide range of trips with different starting points, one of which is right next to our route at Cassà de la Selva.

The Secrets of the Greenways route, which leads to the Chapel of Sant Cristòfol and can be followed from Cassà or Llambilles, will take you deep into the cork oak landscape of the Gavarres Massif.

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