We now continue on the flat route with some stretches exclusively for bicycles that, along with the bridge across the Sirvent, have been built for the Pirinexus route. Having passed the canal, we now find mainly asphalt agricultural roads until we reach Sant Pere Pescador. On leaving the town, we find a bicycle lane on the left-hand side of the bridge across the River Fluvià. Once across this, we turn to the left to go under the same bridge and continue the route upstream.

The plain we are now crossing has played an important role ecologically speaking over the years. The build up of sediments from the Muga and Fluvià rivers as they reach the Mediterranean sea, have created extensions of water and resulted in a mosaic of lagoons, meanders and small lakes that over the years have gradually lost their salinity: the aiguamolls. These aiguamolls (marshlands) have served as waterlands that have been used as a refuge for large numbers and varieties of fauna and are recognised on an international level. Historically the aigamolls were drained to obtain agricultural fields, but the recent touristic pressure put the existence of the remaining lagoons under serious threat, especially with projects such as Empuriabrava which aimed to extend further south. Such projects were stopped thanks to social campaigning and the area became a designated Nature Reserve. To visit the aiguamolls and the birds that can be found there up-close, you can access the site via the Park al Cortalet where there is a visitors’ centre.

One of the most common crops found in the marshlands is rice, although we can also find fields of cereals, sunflowers and, in particular, apples throughout this area. The latter fields dominate the landscape on the way to Sant Pere and also extend to the other side of the River Fluvià.

A town with a strong agricultural background, but also with an important touristic side. Many windsurfers come together every year on the beach –which is often buffeted by the north wind (Tramuntana) and south-west winds (Garbí)– and take part in the world championships.

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