Following the Muga Nature Walk, we reach Castelló d’Empúries. Here we cross the River Muga taking the old bridge and follow south via agricultural roads which are in a very good state (paved with compact gravel and some asphalt stretches).

Capital of the county during the medieval period which extended from the Albera water divide in the Pyrenees to the River Ter, it was thus the medieval capital of the Empordà. The town still lives and breathes this medieval air, from the medieval markets organised to the products we can find in many of the shops in the historic centre of the town.

If we take a look around the town, we should include a visit to the Curia Prison (1336), a Gothic style building which is now home to the Tourist Information office and where we can also find the Medieval History Museum.

The Silos of Plaça Jaume I (14th century), old cereal deposits discovered in the subsoil.

The Jewish Quarter and the new and old synagogues of the Aljama; vestiges of the significant Jewish population during nearly 300 years from the 13th century onwards.

The Little Mill Ecomuseum, an industrial museum that conserves the old mill from the end of the 19th century.

The public washroom, an attractive construction from the 19th century where we can find the impressive Tuscan columns in the shuttered galleries that surround the wash area.

The Gallarda Gateway, a rectangular tower from the 18th century, provided the eastern access point to the walled premises and today it is the only one of its kind remaining along with a part of late medieval wall.

The Gothic basilica of Santa Maria (13th-15th centuries), a real treasure due to its authentic cathedral-like dimensions, is one of the most interesting examples of Gothic architecture in Catalonia.

The Gothic hall in the Palace of the Counts, currently home to the Town Hall, is particularly impressive. Now leaving the town heading south, we will pass the Toribi Duran residence, a huge eclectic building, and we will cross the River Muga for the last time going over the old bridge: a medieval bridge with 7 unequal keyholes dating back to the 13th century.

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