This entire stretch is flat. We follow wooded paths with compact gravel paving in a good state. After Peralada we will have to cross the River Llobregat first, and then the Muga via a concrete crossing. After crossing this second fluvial range, we will then take the Muga Nature Walk, a greenway that follows the river along to the river mouth. At times, when the water level is high, it can be difficult to cross the rivers; find out about this beforehand in Peralada. If you cannot follow the route indicated, you will have to go via the GIV-6042 instead, between Peralada and Vilanova de la Muga, where the nature walk picks up again on the left-hand side of the river.

Strategically located on a hill, the town has always been an important crossroads and is steeped in history throughout. From the first area that was walled in by the Ibers, through medieval times up to today, it has become a town to lose yourself in time and to taste the wines and cavas from the area. If you like, you can even have a massage at a “wine spa”. Let’s look at some of the spots that can be found there:

This 12th century Roman monument is the only remaining vestige of an Augustine convent of the 11th century. The great attraction of the cloister is a series of capitals decorated with biblical and profane scenes. This forms part of the cultural centre of the same name and the museum of the town, which houses the Tourist Information Office among other services.

This is an 18th century construction with Roman remains and a Gothic bell tower. Inside we can find the jewel of the parish with a processional cross from the 14th century, a Renaissance chalice, and an exhibition of miniature nativity scenes from the 1940s.

A Gothic building which currently serves as the Castle Museum. Of particular note are the cloister and church with an exceptional polychrome wooden ceiling.

Located within the old convent of Carme, the visit includes the library with over 80,000 editions, the church and cloister, the glass museum and the wine museum with the old cellar. A well-known music festival is held here every summer.

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