Once we leave La Jonquera, we need to take a short but intense concrete climb of 1 km with a 7.3 gradient to leave the noise behind us. After crossing the first wooded stretch, where the route unfolds amidst traditional dry stone walls that delimit the forest and agricultural land, we find the Empordà plains stretching out before us, which we reach by proceeding along a gentle path without paving but in a pretty good state. 3 km before reaching Capmany we find an asphalt road, and then, before leaving the town, we find ourselves back on a gravel surface. As we cross this landscape and see the granite blocks as big as humans in the middle of the forests, it becomes apparent why some of these have been exploited by humans since ancient times to make megalithic monuments that were used as tombs. We can find many examples of Dolmens very close to our route, close to the small lakes of La Jonquera that we will see along the way. We can find information on these on different platforms and at the Interpretation Centre of Albera. We continue the descent and, when we see the first vineyards, we are on our way to Capmany.

This small town has a large number of cellars dedicated to the production of wine. In fact, it has more wineries than any other town in the Empordà. A visit to one of them is well worth it. You can find authentic treasures of traditional architecture, some of them in ancient buildings stacked high with bottles and tote bags full of wine, patiently waiting for the prized liquid they hold to reach the exact level of maturation.

We can also find a very interesting museum here in the town, the Museum of Wine Taps, and within the walled area of the fortification that gave birth to the town you will also find the Town Hall and the church of Santa Agata of the 12th century.

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