At the end of the Pyrenean-Mediterranean Euroregion Greenway we need to turn right to visit Le Boulou, making full use of the bicycle lane on the bridge of the river Tech. To leave Le Boulou we will take the same bicycle lane, although this time the bridge will be on our left. At the end of the greenway, before crossing the bridge, we will have to cross the road and take the narrow asphalt road that can be found between the lanes for motorised vehicles and the river: a comfortable track that will take you right to the edge of the A9 motorway. We will need to stay alert to the signing or tracks of the route. Once we reach the edge of the motorway, which we will cross using the bridge, all the roads we take will be asphalted. From this point, the route unfolds among fruit-filled fields and vineyards, with the Pyrenean border also providing an impressive backdrop to this relaxing landscape.

(In the search of historic routes). Before starting the climb, we recommend taking a minor detour to Saint-Martin-de-Fenollar to visit its Pre-Romanic church. The painted murals which can still be seen on the walls and around the front of the church are of particular note and reveal great expressive force and a great wealth of colour and vividness which probably dates from the 12th century.

It is, in fact, right here, by the side of this chapel, that excavations have been carried out within the Enllaç project to uncover the Via Domitia and gather valuable information on the outline of this important Roman road, the first one built in Gaul that linked the Alps with the Pyrenees.

A prelude to the landscape that we will find along the next stretch, in Morellàs we can visit the Cork Museum. Located in the Trade Union building, this museum exhibits the most characteristic elements of the corking industry that prevailed within this town during the 20th century.

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